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Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship can often feel painful, difficult and even embarrassing. 

So how do you spot the signs that your relationship is coming to an end?

  • You stop wanting to spend time together
  • When you are together you argue more and more
  • Arguments become silly or petty
  • Your friends or family start to notice how unhappy you are when you are together
  • The things you used to like about them are now really annoying you

So you realise it is over, what is the best way to end it?

  • Be kind, but firm
  • Don’t just drop hints or leave them guessing
  • Practice what you want to say beforehand. Avoid vague comments such as “I think I want to end it…” or “I need some space or time to think.”
  • Think about how you are going to tell them
  • No one wants to be dumped by text, Facebook or msn
  • If face to face is impossible then think about a letter or phone call

“.. I once dumped my girlfriend by text, the next day everyone said what a coward I was. Never again.” Luke, 16.

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