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 What kind of family are you in?

Families come in all shapes and sizes nowadays!-Stepfamilies are very common – these happen when adults make new relationships with other people, and children who are not related to each other may find themselves living together.

It can be very difficult adjusting to all the changes that are involved when a new stepfamily is formed. You might be moving house, moving bedrooms, having step sisters or brothers move in or getting a new step Mum or Dad. It’s not surprising that you may be feeling confused, miserable, angry or sad. In fact, a whole range of feelings is normal, depending on what is going on for you.

Whatever’s going on, don’t blame yourself!  People can often think that what happens in their family - like parents splitting up - is somehow their fault: “If only I was more loveable!”, “If only I hadn’t argued with Dad so much!” But it’s not your fault. Adults make decisions which affect you, for all kinds of different reasons – they split up usually because they have fallen out of love with each other, not with you!

What’s hard about being in your family?

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